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It's more than a hike, it's an investment into your dog's health and happiness,

and your peace of mind.

$75 per hike once a week   

$70 per hike when you add additional days or dogs

All members agree to a monthly flat fee with a minimum of one hike per week. Discounts are available for members who sign up for more than one hike per week.

Happy Dog Hike Club members report their pups are happier, healthier, and far less anxious

Our weekly hikes provide regular wilderness exercise and socialization which fulfills many of your dog's innate instincts for exploration and play.   This helps alleviate anxiety, boredom, and loneliness  (common for city dogs) and increase their social and physical confidence.


Your relationship with them will improve as they'll be more relaxed, happier, and easier to be with (and train). Plus, when you take your pup for off-leash walks yourself, you'll notice their improved recall and attentiveness.   

Sign up to become a member today and get ready for quiet, focused days and a blissfully tired, snuggly pup each evening.  

Happy hiking!

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